Heath Common Residents’ Association (HCRA) was founded in the early 1970’s.  The aims of HCRA are:

  • to care for and preserve Heath Common’s beautiful idyllic lanes environment.
  • promote neighborliness and community spirit by working to maintain and improve the quality of life of local residents.
  • act as a focal point for residents to raise issues and concerns relating to Heath Common.
  • provide a clear channel of communication regarding these matters to and from Washington Parish Council and other relevant bodies.

HCRA website has been established to improve communication between HCRA committee and its members. Essentially it provides a place for residents to find information, comment on and provide feedback on matters relating to Heath Common. For example information on our social events, relevant major developments, committee activities and even the unusual and fascinating history of Heath Common itself can all be found on this website.

But we hope the HCRA website will become much more than that. For example we have spoken to a number of residents about common interests and things they would like to see on the website. So to help promote  these interests we have provided a place where these can flourish and be shared amongst residents.

These interest groups can be found in the ‘BE INVOLVED’ section and they are:

If you would like any others subjects added to these please go the ‘BE INVOLVED’ section and let us know.

Finally for those of you that ‘blog’ we have a blog space available to. For those of you that don’t blog, the section under ‘BLOGS & NEWS’ is a place for local news and informal discussion. It consists of discrete entries called “posts”. These posts are displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). Take a look and see what residents are saying and if you feel like it, join in.

We hope you enjoy using this website and find it valuable.

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