HCRA Charter

1    NAME
The name of the Association shall be “Heath Common Residents Association” herein referred to as “The Association”.
2    AIMS
The aims of the Association shall be the preservation, protection and enhancement of the rural and residential nature of Heath Common in the County of West Sussex. Within the core of Heath Common the Lanes represent the original bridleways and footpaths such as Hampers Lane, Sanctuary Lane, Bracken Lane, Georges Lane, Sandy Lane and Vera’s Walk, together with linked passageways including Hazelwood Close, Badgers Holt, Bracken Close, Bunbury Close and Blueberry Hill.
The provision of a forum through which the views and ideals of residents can be discussed and representations made to appropriate authorities on issues raised as and when the Association Committee deem advisable.
Membership shall be open to residents living within the Lanes, as described in paragraph 2 above. To enable a member to vote a subscription will be paid for the current year. Voting rights shall cease to a member of the Association if their annual subscription remains outstanding for a period of 6 months.
The Committee, for ratification by the membership at the AGM, shall provisionally determine the annual subscription. Subscriptions shall be paid by Calendar Year. The payment of a subscription by a householder shall accord all adult members of the household rights of membership, except that each household shall have only ‘one vote’.
The Association shall have the power through its Committee to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions by way of subscription, donation or otherwise, in order to further the activities of the Association.
The Association Committee shall comprise a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 persons elected from the membership at each A.G.M. In the event that one or more Committee members resign and as a result the number of Committee members falls below six, then a “Force Majeure” period shall commence, see paragraph 13.
Committee members will relinquish their office each year and may be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.
If more than 12 persons offer themselves for election voting shall be by ballot or show of hands as determined by the Chairman. Nomination for committee membership in writing seconded and with the consent of the nominee, should be received by the Secretary no later than 7 days before the date of the A.G.M.
Committee members may form Sub-Committees with authority to co-opt other persons having technical or professional expertise to assist with Association projects. A member of the Association Committee shall chair such Sub-Committees.
The Committee shall also have authority to act as a coordinating body to liaise with any statutory or voluntary organisation regarding matters of concern to the Association.
Committee and sub-committee meetings called by the Secretary shall normally be held at not less than 7 days’ notice, except where notice may be waived by a majority of the members of the Committee or Sub-Committee.
The Committee may elect from its members such Honorary Officers as are necessary to carry out appropriate operational and administrative duties on behalf of the Association. The Honorary Officers to include Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary.
The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting each year giving not less than 21 days written notice to all members.
The Committee upon 14 days written notice to members will call a General Meeting. If the business of the meeting includes a resolution to wind up the Association or alter its constitution and or rules, then 21 days written notice will be given.
Public meetings where non-members are invited to attend may be arranged from time to time as required, when 21 days’ notice will normally be issued.
10    QUORUM
Twenty households present with voting rights will constitute a quorum for all meetings of the Association, other than Committee meetings, which shall require no fewer than three Committee members.
11    VOTING
At every General Meeting or AGM of the Association each household represented shall have one vote, and matters put to the vote shall be decided (except in the case of a winding up or a change of constitution and or rules) by a simple majority of all those entitled to vote and in the event of a draw the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
Voting slips will be available to each (subscription paid) household voting representative, at the commencement of members meetings.
The constitution and rules may be changed only by a resolution of the Association at a General Meeting, see paragraph 9, by a two-thirds majority of those members present and entitled to vote.
A “Force Majeure” period shall last initially for a period of six calendar months_ This shall allow the Committee to continue to operate with less than the minimum number of members, so long as reasonable steps are taken by the remaining members to secure additional Committee members to meet the minimum number required.
At the expiry of the initial “Force Majeure” period, the remaining Committee members will call a General Meeting. A resolution will be put to the meeting to allow the Committee to operate with less than the minimum Committee members. Such continuation of the “Force Majeure” period will be for a period of not less than three and not more than six months. The authority of a vote at a further General Meeting period may further renew the “Force Majeure”. In the event of the requirements of this clause not being satisfied then paragraph 14 should be invoked.
The Association may only be wound up by a resolution of the Association at a General Meeting, see paragraph 9, by a two-thirds majority of those members present and entitled to vote.
Upon the Association being wound up assets of the Association, after all debts have been paid, shall be divided equally between the Heath Common Road Repair Funds or transferred to such charities as the membership determines.