Walking Club

Welcome to the HCRA Walking Club Page. The Walking Club is open and free to all residents of Heath Common. Walks will be organized by members of the walking club and walks will start and finish in Heath Common.

Walks will usually be 5-6 miles and now and again we will have longer walks of 8 miles or more.

A schedule of walks and walk leaders will be published on this page and members of the walking club will be able to register for any of the walks advertised here.

If you wish to take your dog on a walk you MUST check with the walk leader prior to the start of the walk. Dogs must be kept under control at all times.

Benefits of Walking
Walking on a regular basis contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Walking has been shown to help reduce the risk of cardio-vascular disease, help control weight and strengthen bones.  It is an activity that is accessible to all ages as a way of keeping active. Walking is a free form of travel and exercise that is open to everyone.

Walking ranks alongside jogging for its physiological and psychological benefits. You even burn the same number of calories – about 100 for every mile you jog or walk along a flat, tarmac surface. WalkingThe only difference is the speed that you take to cover the distance. If you walk over softer surfaces such as grass or sand and add in a few hills, you will burn more calories per mile.

Walking can help to boost your brainpower and prevent mental decay and memory loss. The study published in Nature showed that the walkers did far better in mental tests than the other groups. Any prolonged aerobic exercise, such as walking, increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain which helps it become more alert and efficient. In particular, the frontal areas of the brain (which are responsible for logical thinking, planning and memory) were specifically influenced by walking.

You can start walking today, and no one has to teach you how to do it.

So if you are interest in joining our walking club then let us know by completing the form below. Thank you

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you to take responsibility for your own safety whilst out and about as the group cannot be held liable for accidents or loss.