Wildlife Watch

We are all very lucky to live in such a beautiful area, nestled in and on the boarders of South Downs National Park recognized as an area of outstanding natural beauty. This area is rich in wildlife and some of the Britain’s most endanger species can be found here.SouthDowns

Please participate in our Wildlife Watch and let us know about the wildlife and plants you observe in and around Heath Common. If you can take a picture as well then that would be great. We are not expecting high quality well composed pictures as many picture opportunities happen unexpectedly. All records will be stored and published in our Wildlife Log Book .

Before you head outside, click on the Wildlife Log Book and review all the woodlanddeer-350possible species and natural phenomena you might observe.  After you return indoors, come back to this page and fill out your sightings in the form at the bottom of this page.

Don’t forget Wildlife Watch is meant for all ages so please invite your friends and family to participate.  As the seasons change, so do the species on Wildlife Watch, so there are new things to see and observe all year-round!



Having so much wonderful scenery and wildlife around got us thinking. We would like to hold an ‘Annual Wildlife Photographic Competition’ for residents of Heath Common. The date for all entries is to be confirmed but rest assured it will not be in the near future so there is plenty of time to take those summer photographs.

RogerWilmshurstWe are very fortunate to have a renowned wildlife photographer in Washington, Roger Wilmshurst BSc, FRPS. Roger was granted a fellowship in the Royal Photographic Society in 1992 and has submitted pictures to wildlife libraries for over 30 years.

For inspiration take a look at Roger’s website there are thousands of wildlife and plant images and videos. There are extensive libraries full  of birds, animals and plants. There are also pictures of local scenery prepared in to sets of local villages and towns.

So to access Rogers wonderful photographs click on Roger’s photo.


To find out more out photography and the competition CLICK HERE



Finally on the Wildlife Log Book you can find links to information on the wildlife you can expect to see in and around Heath Common.